This is the beginning of a series of nodes that I want to do to clear up some misconceptions about how/what/why Everything2 runs.

This first is about the Donation Box. I've recently gotten messages from some of our newer users who have been under the impression that the Everything Development Company is a functioning company, that there is a possibility of getting jobs as editors, and that in general, nate is sitting on his throne made of krugerrands.


I'd like to thank everyone who's put money into the Donation Box. Every bit is appreciated - and as I've said before, this site is well worth it. But let me be upfront with the math:

The donations bring in several hundred dollars or so per month.

However, our costs, are well... more. To wit:

  • Bandwidth: A site this size costs roughly US$1400/month in bandwidth. That's without growth.
  • Servers: Luckily, we still have servers left over from the Slashdot days, and we've had a very generous recent donation of another box. However, more hardware costs several thousand PER MACHINE. We need at least dual processors, half gig RAM or more.
  • Amortize that cost out, and you're talking several hundred more per month.
  • Personnel: Oh. Wait. No one is paid to work here. Nevermind.

So, to summarize: E2 runs at roughly a US$1500/per month LOSS. Not GAIN, as some people seem to think. Donations are always appreciated, and I'm currently trying to find some innovative ways to make some money. Please /msg hemos if you have questions/queries/suggestions as to other misconceptions.

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