Saturday, September 4, 2004 - For immediate release

The Campaign to Elect Giant Squid and Knife Fight Monkey is pleased to announce the results of the Vote Giant Squid 2004 fundraising raffle.

84 tickets were sold, earning the campaign $252!

84 go pieces were marked with the names of the ticket purchasers and then mixed up in a bag. The two winning pieces were drawn by an independent, non-party affiliate.

The first, for the black and green scarf, was... fondue!

(pause for ecstatic applause)

The second, for the blue and blue scarf, was... Damodred!

(pause for more ecstatic applause)

Due to the holiday, the scarves will be mailed on Tuesday, September 7th, pending receipt of mailing addresses.

As a consolation prize for ticket purchasers, I am offering up a knitted bookmark, either embroidered or otherwise permanently inscribed with ''Vote Giant Squid '04'' Please contact me if you'd like your complimentary bookmark, and let me know where to send it. As I haven't made any of them yet, there will be a bit of a delay before they will be sent out.

My sincere thanks to everyone who participated and made this so much fun! Vote Giant Squid!

Show your support and wear it proudly

The Vote Giant Squid 2004 official* scarf!

Made of highest quality materials in 3 colors, and lovingly tentacle made, it will last for generations. Show it off to your kids when the Giant Squid wins in November, and know that you’ve helped make a difference.

How do you get one, you ask? Well it’s a little like an election, really. I will be raffling them off!

Donate at the donation box between now and September 1, and indicate in the comments who you are (and/or msg me) and that it is for the raffle. Raffle tickets are $3 each and you can buy as many as you like. All raffle tickets must be purchased by midnight, server time September 1. The raffle will be drawn on Sept. 4, 2004 so the scarves can be delivered in good time for the cool autumn weather and the election!

There are 2 scarves available. Only one scarf per person, however. All the names will go into a hat, and if the second drawing pulls the same name as the first, it will continue until a new name is drawn.

Like all campaign promises, I have only actually completed one scarf, but the other will definitely be done by September 1. One is charcoal and green stripes with light green lettering. The other is two shades of blue stripes with cream colored lettering. They are long, around 7 feet, not including fringe, and will be extremely warm due to the double layer of wool. The primary yarn is Araucania Nature Wool, which is 100% wool hand-dyed light worsted weight yarn from Chile. For an idea of the colors, although they are much brighter and richer in person, see . The green and grey scarf is colors 16 and 11; the blue scarf is colors 10 and 30. The scarves are hand wash only or machine wash with care. Pictures of both scarves will eventually be available at . Also for the interim, I've been given the privilege of a homenode pic in order to display the scarves. (first scarf pic up at both my homenode and my website. Second scarf pic up at my homenode!)

*Official Endorsement!
From GIANT SQUID himself, via Campaign Manager QXZ:

''GIANT SQUID is amused by this idea and endorses all potentical tchotchkes produced. He expects 15% of the gross.''

Party endorsements:
allseeingeye says re Vote Giant Squid 2004: Let me be the first to give this endeavor official party approval. GS promises you a painless death for your efforts.
Imprecation endorses this in his official capacity.

This small raffle idea was inspired by Scriblerus suggesting that I make Vote Giant Squid scarves, and the Wrap Up In Noder Love: An E2 Craft Project and Fundraiser. The down time has made me realize that I have become frighteningly dependent upon everything2 for my sanity and insanity, and that although I've less money than I used to, I should still contribute.

With thanks to dem_bones, nate, N-Wing, and everyone else who have helped and are still helping.

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