(or "S.Y.L.U.G.I.O.D" for short)

Everything2 is a heck of a Web site. I hang out here for the collective unconscious, the intellectual stimulation, the chance to node what I know, and every once in a while to look up stuff I can't find in an ordinary encyclopedia. I love it here, I really do. It pains me when the lag becomes too much to handle, but I try to do my part to minimize it, and even contribute to the codebase.

It's obvious the ad banners don't provide a lot of income for the site, but that's just fine for me--I'd much rather see ads for other EveryDevel sites than flashing FREE PORN! graphics or the like. But obviously, this site costs money. It's a labor of love for the guys behind it, sure, but bandwidth still costs money. I haven't the slightest idea how much, but I'm sure I wouldn't want to pay it off every month. I'm sure you wouldn't, either.

I'm not going to make a PBS pledge drive plea here, or anything like that. But I would like to remind y'all that, if you're anywhere above Level 3, you've been here for quite a while and gotten quite a bit out of the site. You no doubt enjoy the lack of ugly banners, hate the lag, and want to see E2 remain online for posterity as much as I do. So take a second, reach into your credit card, and pull out a few bucks for the folks that keep this site running.

  • Buy stuff, E2 gets money links to all sorts of online shops where you can buy noder-designed E2 merchandise. Go on and take a look, there's something in there for every taste and style.

  • The Donation Box is now open and accepting tips from anyone who wants to give, courtesy of PayPal. Those of you who think something like this never works are encouraged to visit the home page for goats: the comic strip and see just how much they've received so far.

Every little bit helps....

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