A lower ranking priest. A student in a field. One who learns from a master. An apprentice. More advanced version of a neophyte

The "peon" - all round shit-kicker, building summoner and gold gatherer available to the Undead in the 2002 hit game, Warcraft III

Physical Description: A cloaked and cowled individual, the Acolyte has intricate runes on his robes in the team colours. His pale skin and skeletal-thin hands are withered, and he has a wrap of bandages over his mouth and jaw. When summoning a building or conjuring gold out of a Haunted Gold Mine, he throws his hands in to the air where glowing green glyphs appear between his outstretched arms.

Requirements: Built at: Necropolis, requires: none, allows: buildings to be summoned, building and Meat wagon repair, unsummoning of buildings, sacrificing to become a Shade.

Spells and Abilities: The Acolyte is the "peon" of the Scourge. Up to 5 can be assigned to a Haunted Gold Mine to conjure gold from a mine, and they magickally repair buildings. They also can summon forth buildings, and unlike other races, immediately return to other duties. This summoning of buildings means that a single Acolyte can quickly develop a base given adequate resources. However, this can only be done on blighted ground, with the only exceptions being the Haunted Gold Mine or Necropolis. The one "ability" that an Acolyte can receive is the ability to be sacrificed at the Sacrificial Pit to become the ultimate scout of Warcraft III, the Shade. This 15 second process kills the Acolyte, is unreversible, and creates an invisible, attackless creature that can detect other invisible entities.

Gameplay: The Acolyte works tirelessly at his tasks, and considering he doesn't need to supervise construction, it is usually conjuring gold. The Undead player starts with just 3 Acolytes (and 1 Ghoul) at the start of the game, less than any other race, but the summoning capabilities of the Acolyte make for MUCH quicker base construction. Once blight has been created from a Necropolis or Haunted Gold Mine, any other building can be summoned, and all buildings create at least some radius of blight themselves. Generally an Undead player only needs 5 Acolytes per expansion, because the brief time taken to walk to and summon a building is tiny in comparison to other races. Create one spare Acolyte and tag him along with your Hero to create expansion bases quicker than any other race.

Warcraft III Undead Guide

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Information gleaned from:
  • My own lovingly played copy of Warcraft III
  • www.battle.net/war3
  • www.warcraftiii.net
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Acme = A = ad-hockery

acolyte n. obs.

[TMRC] An OSU privileged enough to submit data and programs to a member of the priesthood.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, this entry manually entered by rootbeer277.

Ac`o*lyte (#), n. [LL. acolythus, acoluthus, Gr. following, attending: cf. F. acolyte.]

1. Eccl.

One who has received the highest of the four minor orders in the Catholic church, being ordained to carry the wine and water and the lights at the Mass.


One who attends; an assistant.

"With such chiefs, and with James and John as acolytes."



© Webster 1913.

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