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Ahoy hoy all you health freaks I know you exist everywhere, somewhere.
Apparently Jay Leno pays attention to this. Apparently Portia de Rossi went overboard and anorexic with this. But, let me continue:
The Art of Food Combining:

The way you combine your food is far more important than the actual foods you eat. The way in which you eat foods, affects the speed of your digestion, and therefore the speed of your metabolism.

As a general rule, try to eat each food on it's own. Then you know you are 'safe'. All of the following information is taken from www.hps-online.com and speaking of which, I guarantee you'll go there, see the gruesome pictures and be inspired to at least go on a three day juice fast. Do it for yourselves, do it for Everything (i.e so you don't die and cease to node).

Protein and Starch:
That's right, no chicken sandwiches, no fish and potatoes. Starch requires a different enzyme for digestion than protein, and both cannot be produced at once, so digestion takes hours upon hours, and protein putrefies and leaves you with wastes and virtually no nutrients. Ideally, starch should be eaten in the morning and protein at night.

Protein and Protein:
Two different types of proteins, i.e. light proteins and complex proteins, should not be mixed, as they too require different enzymes. i.e. no cheese and chicken. No nuts with fish.

Starch and Acid:
Acid will inhibit the secretion of the enzyme required to break down carbohydrates. Which means no orange juice with cereal or toast, and no vinegar on hot chips, etc.

All melons:
Eat melons alone, do not even eat them with other types of fruit, melons are such a perfect food for human consumption that they require no digestion time in the stomach and move straight to the lower intestine.

Sugar and Starch: (refined/white)
Bakery food especially is bad, and not only that, they combine poorly with everything. If you must eat them, make a meal out of them, do not eat them after a big meal, or you will be "left with wastes and foul gases".

All fruits:
"Eat them alone, or leave them alone". They are basically compatible with vegetables, though, if possible, eat them separately. Eat fruit only on an empty stomach. Since it digests so quickly, it will sit on top of a meal and decay. (Rendering their nutrients useless)

Vegetables basically combine well with everything.

For more information (you know you want it) check out the afore-mentioned website, and prepare to be horrified and disgusted with yourself.

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