Hey, I gotta tell you that Jay Leno is one of the funniest people I've ever seen on TV. I mean, what, with his orange hair, with his little funny dances, and with that dog Triumph, Leno has it all. Jay Leno is one funny guy.

Hey yo, hold up a minute. I think you've got Leno mixed up with Conan O'Brien.

What? Isn't Leno the dude after that loser on The Tonight Show?

No no no...Leno is the loser on the Tonight Show.

Whoops, my bad. Well, I guess this writeup belongs under Conan O'Brien. But while I'm here, let me tell you about Jay Leno.

Is it just me, or is Jay Leno getting unfunnier each and every night? I mean, like a few years back, I didn't find him that bad. I actually laughed at some of his jokes, found some of his stunts amusing, and all in all, found his show to be a nice way to pass time. Well, some time ago, I decided to see what's on TV. I turn on NBC, and I'm just in time for Jay Leno. Oh goodie, I think. This will help me pass time until Conan comes on. Oh man, was that the worst few minutes of my life (I turned it off after Jay-walking). Jay-Walking used to be the funniest thing on the show, until that night. I mean, all he did was go around asking people "Have you ever gone to court, or committed a crime?" The funniest response was "Yes, once, for some traffic violations. But it wasn't my fault." Leno starts cracking up. I've found doorknobs funnier than that.

The monologue, something which used to be funny, now just plain old sucks. One example is while mentioning Ja Rule, Leno said that Ja Rule might end up in Ja-ail (jail). HAHAHA! Oh, somebody help me, I'm dying of laughter! Some suggestions as to how to correct this horribly unfunny show, and possibly save NBC Late Night: We could switch Jay Leno's and Conan O'Brien's time slot. I usually fall asleep out of sheer boredom while watching Leno, and always miss Conan. Or, you could always retire Leno and put a real funny host with perfect delivery in his place. With the horrible jokes on the Tonight Show, only someone like Norm MacDonald can make them funny. Norm can take something like "My cat is hungry," and make is hilarious.

Now, one of two things have happened here. Leno has gradually become about as funny as dirt. Or Leno has always been unfunny, and I just never noticed it. Nevertheless, I think we all can agree about how overrated this so-called "comedian" is.

Well, while we're on the subject of this unfunny comic, why don't we just dish out some biographical information on him?

Jay Leno began his career working three hundred years a night in nightclubs before 1992. During that time, he had appeared on television, acted in a few movies (such as American Hot Wax in 1978), and made a record number of visits to Late Night with David Letterman. Leno, who served as Johnny Carson's permanent guest host, hit it big in 1992 by inheriting the show from Carson. Leno's show beat out Letterman's for the Emmy in 1995. By the next year, Leno's show surged ahead while Letterman and CBS plunged down even further.

Some random information on Jay Leno:

Source: www.imdb.com

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