From the people who brought you Good Pirate/Bad Pirate, another silly people watching game. This time, the fundamental dichotomy splits the entire human race into two categories:

  • I'd lick that
  • No, I wouldn't lick that

I taught this game to my roommate one summer, and he spent a day watching pretty girls and blushing every time he saw one worthy of oral application of his saliva. It was great fun.

For extra entertainment value, combine with a game like Good Pirate/Bad Pirate. Then you get ratings like: "Good Pirate, Lick That" (e.g. yossarian, ideath), or "Bad Pirate, Lick That" (flamingweasel, Jongleur), or "Good Pirate, Don't Lick That" (fill in the skanky badass of your choice).

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