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If my rusty Italian serves me correctly, "Mass in Requiem for Shaggai".

An opera written in Italian by Benvento Chieti Bordighera in 1768. Only one performance of the opera was ever made, and it caused such a controversy that Pope Clement XIII banned it in 1769. Bordighera was imprisoned for heresy in 1770, and he was executed the next year.

Many professional musicians have declared the score to be impossible to play, since certain parts seem to have been written for unknown instruments and notes that cannot be played. Clearly, Bordighera was either a genius centuries ahead of his time or a complete lunatic--possibly both.

The opera itself is a strange mix of science fiction, fantasy, horror, blasphemy, and stuff that just don't fit anywhere. It tells the story of the destruction of a place called Shaggai, which, to a modern reader, will sound remarkably like a planet, instead of the city or country assumed by 16th century critics. Shaggai is run by large white insects, who worship monstrous deities called Azathoth and Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg, or the Bringer of Pestilence.

Because of the insects' great evil, their home is destroyed, but some of them escape, flying through the void of space to Earth. Once the insects encounter humans, they summon their dread gods to destroy humanity. The opera ends, as they say, abruptly.

Encyclopedia Cthulhiana by Daniel Harms, pp. 131-132

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