Someone usually with completely different ideas compared with anyone else.
After being spoken to by a musician, it is usual to stare blankly for a few minutes, comprehending quite what the person in question was talking about.
Usually have a strong sense of will - "Yes, I may be living off the state right now, but give it a month and I will be a major musician, internationally famous"
One day I will no longer need to work, because I will be famous

People who express their very soul with sound waves. Typically right brainers, typically creative, and they typically receive way too little money in compensation for their work, as compared to proffesional sports players, who get millions of dollars per year for playing games. If you are still young, consider becoming a musician in hobby if not in profession. Being one is a pleasant experience.

Mu*si"cian (?), n. [F. musicien.]

One skilled in the art or science of music; esp., a skilled singer, or performer on a musical instrument.


© Webster 1913.

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