Also an acronym for the immediate corrective action for failure to fire malfunctions of the M16 rifle and its cousins. It is basically an M16-oriented version of the tap-rack-bang drill for handguns.

As always, before any malfunction-clearing drill, there is an implied move to cover if possible, before stopping to clear the malfunction.

Slap the base of the magazine, to insure that it is seated fully into the weapon.
Pull back sharply on the charging handle, to clear any defective rounds from the chamber.
Observe the ejection port, noting any round flying from the port.
Release the charging handle, allowing the bolt to snap forward. Do not "ride" the bolt forward.
Tap on the bolt forward assist (somewhat euphemistic; actually, give it a healthy smack to help the bolt chamber in case of fouling of the locking lugs)
Squeeze the trigger. Hopefully, your M16/relative will fire now. Otherwise, you may have a bolt override or double feed, each of which take more time to clear.

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