The public address announcer's chant in honor of Seattle Supersonics point guard Gary Payton. It comes from a song called "Stomp", by God's Property featuring Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation. A mouthful of a compound artiste name, plus you can add the cameo appearance by Cheryl "Salt" James of Salt-N-Pepa. Franklin's song was a bid for mucho mucho CCM/Urban Contemporary crossoverness, and with the P-Funk samples, the Salt imprimatur, and the general infectiousness ("GP, are you wit' me?!!"), it was a success, enough of one to make its way into the realm of secular North American sports, with the GP of gospel music biz-property (excuse us, we're a ministry) God's Property transformed into the GP of the Basketball Artist Still Known as The Glove, running back down court after driving through the lane for two.

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