Every coin we have in the US has a nickname of no more than two syllables - penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar, and so on. What about the newly-introduced gold dollar? Here are some nicknames I have either heard or come up with for it.

· Squaw
Catchy, but it would be met with opposition, as the word "squaw" would no doubt be deemed offensive to Native Americans and is roughly equivalent to "whore". Still, a couple friends of mine insist on calling them "Squaw Bucks".

· Loonie
Why not just steal the name from the Canadian version?

· Sac
Short for Sacagawea, since she's on the front. My personal favorite, because it sounds dirty.

· Goldie
Although the connection with Goldie Hawn will pass, it's still a rather dull nickname. Although "quarter" is no work of genius either.

So what will we be calling this thing in 20 years? Probably "A distant memory", but only time will tell.

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