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A reality show starring Anna Nicole Smith on E! Entertainment Television. This show is done in the style of The Osbournes, in that cameras follow her around while she does her everyday thing. The debut received the highest ratings for a debut of a reality show, and the highest ratings ever on E!. The show is actually pretty funny, since it seems like a train wreck. For example, in Episode 1, Anna was slow and a bit lethargic when speaking. This lead me to believe that either she was drunk or she was stoned. This is her day-to-day modus operandi, due largely to disassociative personality disorder. Apparently it makes her seem ditzier than she actually is.

The high ratings were due in part to everyone wanting to see what it is all about. I'm also sure that a lot of Osbourne viewers checked out the show as well. Personally, I'll take The Osbournes, although showing a lot of cleavage isn't all bad, either.


  • Anna Nicole Smith
  • Her son, David
  • Howard K. Stern, her lawyer (not to be confused with Howard Stern, radio personality)
  • Kim Walther, her assistant
  • Her dog, Sugar Pie

Selected Episode Summary

  • Episode 1 - Anna searches for a new house and attends the Guess? 20th anniversary party
  • Episode 2 - Anna meets with an interior decorator, and goes on Larry King Live
  • Episode 3 - Anna and Howard get into a fight over an eating contest, Anna and Kim visit a tattoo shop, and the interior decorator stops by.
  • Episode 4 - Anna and crew head out to an amusement park; Anna goes to the dentist.

Some information from http://www.tvtome.com - TV Tome

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