Hi there, my name's Jet-Poop, and I'll be your official party planner for the next few months. Why do we need a party planner? Because we're having a birthday party, of course! Who's the lucky boy-or-girl? We all are!

Everything2.com turns ten years old on November 13, 2009!

What kind of party are we having? Well, I've got a keg ordered... but really, that's just for me. And we're going to have a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's... but again, that's just for me. And I've rented a pony. A saucy, saucy pony.

Okay, it's hard to hold a party for people all over the world, so we'll focus on putting a few special events together closer to November 13th.

But one thing we will have is a contest for multimedia tributes to Everything2. Want to create art about E2? Music about E2? Video projects? Performance art? Recipes? Needlepoint? Computer games? Want to carve THE LOUD NODE into the side of a mountain? This is the contest for you!

The rules are pretty simple. Create some sort of tribute to E2 that doesn't involve contributing a writeup. Yes, you can use writeups. You can print a bunch up and post them all over town. You can use one as the basis for a lithograph. You can adapt one as a drama or film.

And it doesn't have to involve a writeup. Create the ultimate E2 birthday cake, discover a new planet and name it after nate, convince a professional cheerleading squad to do a cheer about E2 during a televised football game. If you want, you can write "E2 iz awesum" on a piece of paper with crayon... but we hope you don't, 'cause that would suck.

Whatever you do, make sure you document it. Take pictures, take video, whatever you need to do.

Then send me a /msg, let me know what your entry is, let me know if you've got your photos or video stored elsewhere on the web, or if you need to send them to me.

Unfortunately, the deadline is going to be pretty short -- we want to have all entries submitted by Tuesday, November 10 at noon, server time end of the day for Jet-Poop, and even then pretty flexible on accepting entries. This will give our judges time to choose the winner(s) before November 13th. Yes, that's not a lot of time -- I only came up with the idea for this contest a few days ago, but hopefully, it should still be enough time for you to get something put together.

Will there be prizes? Oh, yes, there will be prizes. What will the prizes be? Check it:

  • Third Prize: $15 Amazon gift certificate and a jessicapierce bunny!
  • Second Prize: $20 Amazon gift certificate, a jessicapierce bunny, and a copy of "Installing Linux on a Dead Badger" by Lucy-S!
  • First Prize: $25 Amazon gift certificate, a jessicapierce bunny, a copy of "Installing Linux on a Dead Badger" by Lucy-S, and a genuine vintage "Participate in your own Manipulation" E2 poster!

Them's nice prizes, man!

Our judges for this will be myself, etouffee, Lucy-S, The Custodian, The Debutante, and maybe one or two others.

Aaaaand that's it. Y'all git to creatin' now, y'hear?

Aerobe's "Handspan" zine
Rancid_Pickle's daughter's manga-inspired art
Timeshredder's "So these Noders Walk into a Bar"
Two Sheds and RoguePoet's Nodeslam
Oolong's "Let My People Code"

And the winners are:
Third Place: Timeshredder!
Second Place: Aerobe!
First Place: Two Sheds and RoguePoet!

UPDATE: Halspal says: "In honor of your E2 ten year anniversary quest, I'm offering a $300.00 (U.S.) cash bounty for the first noder to get E2 mentioned in a positive way on the front page of cnn.com. It can even be for something tangential, like the fact that we invented Wikipedia."

Sounds good to me. Remember, it has to be a positive mention -- no cracking CNN for the mention, and no punching celebrities and yelling "E2 RULEZ!" Deadline for this one is November 13, 2009, so ya better get crackin'.

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