Aftermath (and chemistry, and biology, and english literature, and...)

There were hats, and there was cake, and there was a new user.

I met Viki. at Flinders Street Station, underneath the clocks (it's a Melburnian thing) at about a quarter to twelve. From there, we took a tram to BlackPawn's house in Brunswick West, basically meeting each other along the way. I didn't know too much about anybody except a few chats on Facebook and Skype with Viki. and tentative. With that somewhat daunting prospect in mind, we met BlackPawn, and soon there followed tentative and tentative's friend, whom is now CrimsonRose.

We chatted. Essentially we took the time to get to know each other, have lunch, and a cake. The nodermeet was all about E2's tenth anniversary, after all (as well as tentative's departure from high school for good). I learned a little about their lives, they learned a little about mine. Suddenly, we were no longer total strangers. We were now linked to each other, through E2 obviously, but also through simple talking.

Lunch was snags, salad and chicken drumsticks, followed by coffee for BlackPawn and CrimsonRose, which was in turn followed by the latter joining the site. We recorded a little section for the podcast, then tentative and CrimsonRose had to head off, so it pretty much finished after that. Extra thanks to tentative for organising it, and to BlackPawn for use of his house. A big "wish-you-were-here" goes out to Meezzio and Deejah, who couldn't be with us, and congratulations to everyone else at E2 for being there on the decaversary.

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