Small county in the northeast corner of the Texas Panhandle. It was organized in 1887 and named for A. C. Lipscomb, a leader of the old Republic of Texas. The population of the entire county is under 4,000, and most of the economy is based around agriculture and the oil and gas industry. It's a nice place to drive around, 'cause the scenery is really, really pretty, with lots of trees and some broken plains.

The county seat is Lipscomb, which is actually the smallest town in the county (with a population around 200). It has a beautiful (and very large for a county this small) county courthouse, a small, rustic, not-very-well-kept park, an excellent historical museum, and a surprisingly large number of art studios and public art. The largest town in the county, with a population of about 1,100, is Booker, which spills over into neighboring Ochiltree County to the west. Booker has signs on the city limits proclaiming "Booker: Next 9 Exits" -- there are, of course, nine streets in the town that intersect the highway. The other towns are Darrouzett (a really pretty town with a popular German sausage festival in the summer) and Follett (City Drug on Main Street used to have an old-fashioned, marble-topped soda fountain), and Higgins, a small town in the opposite corner of the county, hugging the Oklahoma border.

The county doesn't have enough activities (or motels) to justify spending a vacation there, but it's good for a day trip. And if you're ever in the famous Slapout, Oklahoma, Lipscomb County is just south of there.

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