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i'm a networked loser now!

I'm also on LiveJournal, Friendster and Orkut -- on Orkut, I founded the Everything2 community so you can gather in yet another networked fashion. For more details, /msg me.

weill in japan

I spent six and a half weeks in Japan during the summer of 2002, and kept a journal of my experiences during that time. You can read all about it on the web at (with pictures!) or on the Everything two at the following links.

May 12 2005 (or so): DING 6

Apr 17 2002, 10:46 PM EDT: DING 5

I should write something substantive here.

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I node boring factual nodes most of the time, with an occasional burst of creativity for a quick Ching! or a confused reaction from the masses.

For your amusement, I also maintain a boring e/n site at

Stuff I Should Node

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If you're at CMU and use E2, /msg me.

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