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Things that I like:
  • Cook books
  • Obscure gourmet ingredients
  • Computer Games

The least valuable piece on the board and I move last.

♩ ♩ musical quarter note
♪ ♪ musical eighth note
♫ ♫ musical single bar note
♬ ♬ musical double bar note
♭ ♭ flat note
♮ ♮ natural note
♯ ♯ sharp note

With thanks to Serjeant's Muse for the chess pieces and user2155469 for telling me about them.
 ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙
 ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟
        B L A C K
| ♖ |#♘#|   |#♕#| ♔ |# #| ♘ |#♖#|
|#♙#| ♗ |#♙#| ♙ |#♙#| ♙ |#♗#| ♙ | 
|   |#♙#|   |# #|   |# #| ♙ |# #| 
|# #|   |# #|   |# #|   |# #|   | 
|   |# #|   |# #| ♟ |# #|   |# #| 
|# #|   |#♞#| ♟ |# #| ♞ |# #| ♟ | 
| ♟ |#♟#| ♟ |# #|   |#♟#| ♟ |# #| 
|#♜#|   |#♝#| ♛ |#♚#| ♝ |# #| ♜ |
          W H I T E

Record of Play
1. e4  g6
2. ♞c3 b6
3. d3  ♗g7
4. ♞f3 ♗b7
5. h3        (tentatively)

"Donne-moi ton petit bouton de rose, chérie"

Odd fact about me: I have a Bacon number of 2.

(edev) N-Wing says For the newer people: if you want to see code for a page that doesn't have the normal nodelets (like chatterlight), you can usually append &displaytype=viewcode to the URL.

Node Your Breakfast

  • 3 eggs
  • 1 medium tomato
  • 1 shoot spring onion
  • 50g Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 1 dollop single cream
  • 4 slices Chorizo
  • Toast
Herbs & Spice
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Marjoram
  • Pepper (a fair bit)
  • Salt (two or three pinches)
         Place butter in pan to melt
         Begin toasting the toast
         Dice the tomato and cheese, slice the Chorizo and spring onion (but keep separate)
         When the butter has melted, swish around the pan and add the tomato, Chorizo and pepper
         Quickly crack the eggs, add the cream and whisk lightly, the colour of the yolks and cream should remain somewhat distinct so as to leave swirls in the finished product
         Add the herbs, salt and cheese to the tomato, wiz around the pan for about 15 seconds to soften the cheese and mix stuff up
         Turn the heat right down, add the eggs and spring onion and keep moving it around until cooked. The eggs are best done on a low heat so they stay fluffy and don't singe
         Serve on buttered toast with Sweet Chilli Sauce

<Ancientsnow> BlackPawn: Shove cilantro up your cooter

<Muse>: Part of the fun of speaking English is reprimanding everyone around you for what a shitty job they're doing of it.

<sterling> Who's on the christening committee for shit like this?
<Ancientsnow> The 80's.
<sterling> They're fired.

I see. I actually have very little experience with anal sex, only done it a couple of times, but this one time we found a really cool position where we could look into each other's eyes comfortably during it. We liked it, and tried to do it again a few times, but we usually couldn't be bothered with all the work that it takes to build up to it. The emotional connection is always important for me, and maybe that's the connection that was rudely severed for you. - Swap's misquote

Though Wiki has the answer:

The graveyard of marked nodes I felt like saving.

pseudoskepticism (thing) by Psychiatrist (54.3 min) Fri Jun 17 2005 at 6:40:26

Pseudoskepticism is a psychological phenomenon, caused by the malicious emotion dominance (malice being defined here as the desire to perceive and act wrongly). Pseudoskepticism consists of a manner of thinking and the resulting behavior. Unlike true skepticism, which consists of neutral-minded critical analysis, pseudoskepticism is characteristicly anti-analytical. Pseudoskepticism is contagious because it is enjoyable, the joy being that of dominant malice.

Pseudoskepticism is caused when a person of dominant-malicious genetic temperament perceives established beliefs as being dominant entities, which they associate with their own personal dominance, such that any challenge to said beliefs does not constitute an attempt at getting closer to the truth, but rather it constitutes a challenge to their dominance. The pseudoskeptic in turn responds with the classical dominance-reassertion behavior of intimidation, typically by making crude deprecations and personal attacks (e.g. 'bullshit', 'troll', 'goofy', 'crank', etcetera). Pseudoskeptical thought in itself is not particularly socially destructive, and pseudoskeptical deprecations are only somewhat socially-destructive, as they largely only effect other pseudoskeptics, but what is extremely socially destructive is the outright suppression of free speech that pseudoskeptics often cause. Because of that, suppression of free speech due to dominant pseudoskepticism should be illegalized.

To demonstrate an example of pseudoskeptical intimidation, the e2 administrator kthejoker sent me the following message in response to this very writeup (no speech provokes pseudoskeptics more than an attack on pseudoskepticism itself): "(r) kthejoker says re pseudoskepticism: You are seriously the goofiest troll ever."

Pseudoskepticism is a more common behavior in men than in women, due to men's higher testosterone level, as testosterone is largely neuropsychologically responsible for creating pseudoskepticism, though it does not always cause pseudoskepticism. Pseudoskepticism can therefore be efficiently cured by castration in males. In females, it can be cured less-efficiently with chronic anti-androgen drug treatment.

Malice (such as dominance) is characterized by the joy of blindness (in general abstract ways, not superficial ways), and that is clearly demonstrated not only by the pseudoskeptic's evasion of logic, but also by their incessant false association of viable truths with obvious falsehoods, with a particular emphasis on spiritual pseudosciences, those being falsehoods that are typically embraced by spiritual people. Some examples of spiritual pseudosciences are palmistry, astrology, phrenology, lemuria, scientology, reincarnation, psychic phenomena, generally most beliefs that fall under the description 'new age', and of course, the existence of an omnipotent god, but that belief is too popular to be used as a belief of false association by pseudoskeptics, except by atheist pseudoskeptics who are debating within atheist circles. Some scientific phenomena that are often the butt of pseudoskepticism are cold fusion, ballotechnic materials, rough correlations between character traits and facial features due to gene mixing, character alteration via pharmaceuticals, abstract spatial psychology, abstract mathematics, and a-priori cosmological logic.

The following are other common traits of pseudoskeptics:
  1. They have brutal political ideals, and often hate vegans.
  2. Their facial expression of inclination is that of heightened outer eyebrows, widened eyes, and heightened upper lip.
  3. Their tone of voice is characterized by the cavity of the back of the mouth being widened in the vertical dimension.
  4. They are generally dominant, intimidating-aggressive people that often make enemies due to their unwarranted aggression.

auto-cunnilingus (idea) by jimbo00000 (58.8 min) (print) CC (marked for destruction) Wed Jan 25 2006 at 4:45:06

Many women are fed up, it's said,
with poor cunnilingus in bed.
But its not so far flung
with a long enough tongue
to indulge in your own head instead.

Only flexible women pursue it;
while most others can't even construe it.
But an easier course
that I would endorse
is to get someone else to do it.

What I'd love is a wormhole in space
in a very particular place.
I'd try to contrive it
so one end's at my privates
and the other's attached to my face.

How do I submit a writeup of my own? (dream) by fuck you!!! (7.1 min) (print) (marked for destruction) Mon Feb 25 2008 at 3:21:56
the klu klux klan and its efforts to destroy lsd Before we begin we must accept a single scientific fact. ketamine bonds with acid and destroys it. and likewise. it is our only hope against cancer of the mind body and soul to take lsd and it is quite disgusting when soul withdrawl/mental process cancer actually seeps down into the physical plane. It is all I see in any sphere of my existance, vicious ketamine wizards attacking me at all angles. stark 's kilo of pure lsd he gave to the klan in kalifornia was made by the native american church, and was sacred to asia, europe and africa, among other places. He is dutch, coming from the place that colonized south africa. He was not or shouldn't have been a member of the cia, which is the klan, a secret society whose sole founding purpose was to fool and decieve the public. It doesn't matter is stark had official clearence, what matters is the stories of the klan/cia, coming back and destroying my life, the chemist's grandson. that acid had nothing the fuck (and i will kill you if you wasted any) to do with mkultra a smear campaign by the klan, and had sacred grain from all over the world in it- for example we don't let on that there is psychedelic grain from africa because of the white supremacist groups, like the people who seem to do all the writing about stark. You will give me my acid now (425-971-6682) I am reposessing ALL of it as it is under my executive control. it is too disgusting to see honky trash come up and spout lies saying something is the klan when all it was designed for was to fool and decieve the public. so fuck you I don't think you ever took any. that was 50's russia's sacred acid, and old india's sacred acid connection too, places stark did not work, but places neglected when talked about not that any of you scum knew anyth9ing about my acid anyway. rot in hell cockswine!!!!!!!!!