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I don't have much time to read nodes these days, even though I'm frequently logged in. It makes me sad to think of all my C!s going to waste... so I am now accepting shameless self-promotions. If you've written something that you think deserves a C!, let me know, and I'll consider it. One entry per noder.
In case you're curious, I am used to be 25 years old and I live in Philadelphia. Tom is my real name, but Rook is not.

I list below my favorite nodes, approximately ordered from shortest to longest (in case you, like me, are a slow reader).


  • Balloons whose strings have slipped from unclutched hands by etouffee
  • and when you woke up, your goldfish bowl was empty? by Chras4
  • You could be the Willow, I could be the Wind. by Angela
  • Melissa walks by erias
  • Her picture in my wallet, fading, fraying, the face that launched a thousand emotions by IWhoSawTheFace

    Three poems by non-noders that I couldn't leave off: When I am dead, my dearest by Christina Rossetti; Kubla Khan by Coleridge; and Sir Galahad by Tennyson.


  • The strength of the hills is in the people by stand/alone/bitch
  • love is simple by prole
  • The Meaning of Love Eight Years Ago by poetic
  • chiste de la vida by DesiredMisfortune
  • I am the juice box girl by Mer
  • It's always a good idea to tell people you love them if you do by Hatshepsut
  • I suggest you dance. If you need a reason, I'm sorry. by Hatshepsut
  • America if I only had the money. Here are your new commercials: by junkpile
  • cold women, kept safe by jessicapierce
  • They say the prettiest girls get to be angels by Dimview
  • How did I get here, Sarah? by junkpile

    I used to have a long list of all my poems here, but it got ridiculously long. I'll just say here that my favorites among the ones I've written are Water nymph, Cassandra, sunshower, Guile, Delirious with me, rhapsodize, and the one at February 4, 2011. Other people seem to like the wise mapmaker omits his home.

    If you really love sonnets for some strange reason, see Five sonnets to the aloof one and the four nodes listed at the top of that writeup. Their quality is... uneven, but there are a few gems among them.

    If you ever want to read one of my writeups for the podcast, I would be honored. Just let me know, so that you don't read one that someone else has read already. So far I have read Cassandra and the wise mapmaker omits his home. The podcasts can be downloaded here.

    Tom Rook's greatest hits
    (a list of my writeups with at least 3 C!s)

    a weather report from five hundred thousand years ago?
    the wise mapmaker omits his home

    free verse

    the rose, the girl, the goddess
    I visit you in your sleep
    Water nymph
    Five sonnets to the aloof one
    Five sonnets to the lovely spurner

    <BookReader> You read the sonnets and go, "Ah, this Shakespeare guy's all right" and then he throws in something like "Beauty's effect with beauty were bereft" and you go "Gaaaahh."
    <BaronWR> I love the mixture of serious relationship advice, and batman
    Posmella bares her teeth at all and sundry. And sundried. Yeah, I'm talking to you, raisin in the corner.

    Thank you, unknown serial upvoters! I'd love to hear from you, even if it's just a single word.

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