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Sing to me of the road you took
On gravelly street, across babbling brook,
When you stood, the full picture of loveliness,
And opened my door, and told me "yes."
Delirious with me fantasize
That of all people we have seen
No others shall ever fill our eyes
But I, your knight, and you, my queen.

Sing me songs of nights to come
That mock not our fragility,
But cap labors long and wearisome
With wonder and tranquility.
In our garden where the ivy teems,
Tell me free of hesitation
That not even in our nightly dreams
Shall we feel the sting of separation.

Whisper of the road that leads
By dusty lots and thirsty reeds
To realms unknown, unloved, unsung
That scare the old, consume the young.
Assure me, love, that far away
From such woeful paths we shall remain.
But save me if I there should stray,
Should it slip my mind that they lead to pain.

Rhapsodize that our years shall pass
Beneath ever-smiling sun and sky,
And that daily on dewy orchard grass
In giddy laughter we shall lie.
And for when you must leave, help me to learn
That though an age your absence seems,
Before despair fells me, you will return
To me, our meadows, our crystal streams.

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