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EMPTY NODESHELL- somebody has already done it (node title, not a statement of its completion)

Economic Left/Right: -4.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.90

Straight from the mouth of babes;
Dimview> Donginger: tell me about Nadine 2
Donginger> Dimview: The God Of Boiling puts those bubbles into superheated water as a Californian does to me rooty.

Auduster: Nadine is MALE?
Auduster: I'm somewhat taken aback.

TheLady says; Why, Nadine, funny you should ask. It just so happens, you see, that women have evolved to be the weaker and less assertive sex, as is clearly indicated by teh fact that they lack projectile-shaped sexual organs. It's all to do with men being hunters and women gatherers, which is a lower-status occupation (scientific fact, not clutural interpretation, of course!) and are therefore attracted by teh colour red, and so Hazelnut's hair makes his dick an irresistible topic of conversation.......If you think about how our ancestors evolved on the savannah, it makes perfect sense you know.

Cool Man Eddie says Sweet! tentative just awarded you a Terrific Star, because I'm glad that I have you as a friend.