In vino veritas (in VEE-noh VER-ee-tahs; V's in Latin were pronounced like an English W) is a Latin phrase that literally translates to English as "In wine truth." Due to Latin's dependancy on context, though, translations with probably similar meanings are "In wine there is truth" or "Truth in wine", implying that drinking makes one more truthful. Over time, it has been cheered at various gatherings where alcohol is present to encourage others to make drunken, and potentially embarrassing, speeches.

  • It is uttered by Doc Holliday (played by Val Kilmer) to Johnny Ringo (played by Michael Biehn) in the movie Tombstone.
  • It is the title of a weekly wine column by Jonathon Alsop that has been in publication for upwards of 15 years.

  • I've spent a lifetime, maybe more
    with tipsy losers, tipping jars
    holding down a piece of floor
    behind these goddamned bars

    My manager's a leering jerk
    an empty cavern for his head
    never done, this weasel's work
    he'll be here 'til he's dead

    I've met your wife, she is a shrew
    I'm sure your love life is a curse
    flirts with me and growls at you
    keeps condoms in her purse

    Your breath is bad, your jokes aren't cute
    you'll no doubt die before you're due
    buried in that ugly suit
    the bugs will pick at you

    For every time you stiffed me, chump
    stuffed my tip into your pocket
    worms will crawl into your rump
    and exit your eye socket

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