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"Are you growing malapert! Will you force me to make use of my authority?" - Dryden.
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Photo: My great-grandmother, inspiration for Photograph of a Lady, Circa 1915.


From September 2005 to May 2007 I was 'Editor in Chief', co-leader with danne of the gang of the E2 admin team. If you are new to E2, feel free to ask any current admin for help.

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/me misses toasterleavings' content.

Many Bothans died to bring you this information

Fun Webby words

  1. Adnubilated, Aeruginous, Aestivate, Agglutinative, Anaphrodisia, Anthracomancy
  2. Barleybreak, Bathorse, Bescribble, Besom, Bike, Bonify, Boustrophedon, Brawl
  3. Cheeselep, Cilicious, Cithara, Clypeate, Colline, Concupiscent, Conflagrant, Coshering, Corybantic, Crunk
  4. Decoction, Dehiscence, Deliquation, Desuetude, Dirl, Downsteepy, Droil
  5. Edentulous, Ens, Epopt, Escargatoire, Exegesis, Experrection
  6. Falcula, Feculent, Feuillemort, Formication, Frippery
  7. Groschen, Guillemet
  8. Hellanodic, Heterotaxy, Hoarding, Hoiden
  9. Ignipotence, Immure, Inspissate
  10. Jess
  11. Kakistocracy
  12. Labialize, Lipogram, Lustrum
  13. Machicolation, Manducatory, Multiparous
  14. Nates, Neologic
  15. Opprobrious, Oubliette, Outrecuidance
  16. Pharisaic, Phonorganon, Pilcrow, Proletaneous
  17. Quadrumanous, Quiddle
  18. Redshank, Riptowel, Risible
  19. Sanatory, Scalpriform, Scuddle, Seraglio, Sternutative, Subdecuple, Swaddler, Swinge
  20. Tarantism, Tenebricose, Tergiversate, Thick-skulled, Thooid, Threne, Trundletail
  21. Ultroneous, Ululant, Unmitre, Ustulation
  22. Virago, Vocable
  23. Wreakful
  24. Xenium
  25. Yoni

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