If you want to do tech writing then you must wear many hats!
It may not seem exciting but it’s just like herding cats!
We speak with geeks, have words with nerds, get specs from techs, and more!
Then write it up in language that informs but does not bore!

Our documents add value; they don’t just make boxes thick;
Showing users what to do, and how! That’s a useful trick!
Some people say that great design is all you really need;
No need to pay for books or guides that nobody will read!”
And so it is with manuals that just describe UI;
Such docs are seldom very good; I read them with a sigh.
But excellent material explains both the how and why;
It aids the users when they’re stuck, and want to scream, or cry.

If the flingle-flange gets bent and won’t emerge from the machine,
Do not panic, gentle friends! Now simply turn to page fourteen!
Give that flange a double twist using your spingle sprocket wrench!
It’s bound to pop right out! Then you can set it on the bench!
And if the screens go blank while your employees file their floozers,
Quickly turn to the addendum; we can pacify your users!

Oh, we’ll never be the heroes as we toil in Acrobat,
But we’re saving them frustration, and they say thank you for that.
Yes, ours may be a thankless task, but still we often say,
At least my work get published, I would hate to do QA!

If your new app seems more like crap and the next page fills you with rage,
Don’t pound your scalp, just read the help, and find advice most sage!
You’ll find the clue that can guide you to do just what you need!
We writers are your friends, and we will aid you, yes indeed!

Please take a moment, rate this page, before you click away!
Please tell my team lead you were here, so he will sign my pay!
Leave comments if it helped you, or you liked a turn of phrase.
Maybe the boss will see that too, I might just get a raise.

Oh, the next time your budduddler won’t dismount the wingle rack,
Just come and visit us again, we writers have your back.

As I recall, the original node was one of those circulating internet memes, rather than original site content. (I am fairly sure it was this.) Presumably at some point there was an assertion of copyright or just a purge of such material, and Klaproth paid a visit. So, to fill the gap in the nodegel, as prompted by lizardinlaw, I have dashed off this new, original entry.

Buddudler problems disappointing your significant other?
Fix them fast using this one weird trick!
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