Type of weapon which propels a slug (typically depleted uranium) to incredible speeds with electromagenetic forces. Size ranges from rifles, to artillery weaponry (more commonly known as a rail gun).

A nasty effect in which your monitor gets magnetized and disorted with weird colors. A solution would be to degauss it, either with a feature of your monitor (if it supports Degaussing) or with an external device TV technicians have.

The gauss is also the unit measurement of magnetic flux density. Ten thousand gauss equals one tesla. To measure maxwells of an enclosed area, you multiply the average amount of gauss in the area by the area in square centimeters.

Gauss (gous), n. [So named after Karl F. Gauss, a German mathematician.] (Elec.)

The C.G.S. unit of density of magnetic field, equal to a field of one line of force per square centimeter, being thus adopted as an international unit at Paris in 1900; sometimes used as a unit of intensity of magnetic field. It was previously suggested as a unit of magnetomotive force.


© Webster 1913

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