Abbreviation for User Interface. Often used as part of GUI - Graphical User Interface. The least favorite part of coding for most programmers. Often designed by non-technical people.

Ui is a postrock group (currently consisting of Sasha-Frere Jones, Clem Waldmann, and Wilbo Wright) closely aligned with the influential Tortoise and Trans Am but with a funky, groovier sound. This departure in their instrumental work is partly owing to the inclusion of electronic equipment not often associated with post-rock efforts (such as the acclaimed Roland TR-808). Consequently, Ui is occasionallly categorised as an electronic music group. In that vein, their collaborations do include a suprisingly good remix EP. Although Ui has a jazzy sound to their music, they possess overall a more introspective and with a tightly-wrapped intensity than this may suggest. They are currently recording with Southern Records. (Note: The band's name alternates between being partially and completely capitalised.)

• The Iron Apple (1999)
• Lifelike (1998)
• Uilab Fires (1998; a collaboration with Stereolab)
• The 2-Sided EP/The Sharpie (1998)
• Dropplike (1996)
• Sidelong (1996)
• Unlike: Remixes Volume 1 (1995)

Source: southern records label website

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