How long a line has to get at Walgreen's before the only other employee opens a lane.

How much spaghetti sauce to put on spaghetti.

How much milk to put in cereal.

Why I have three jars of strawberry jelly in the fridge.

Why I still secretly yearn to buy ramen.

Why they need two sentences to express the same thing at the opening of all rented movies.

Why I keep plastic grocery bags by the dozens.

Why Vision Plaza can make bi-focal contacts but can't make colored ones for people with astigmatisms.

Why there are five different coffee shops chains on the same block.

Will they ever make a CD to tape adapterwhere you can plug a CD in and hear a mobile tape player.

How it is that a hole opened up in the middle of a street takes 3 hours to create and 3 months to fill.

How it is that a person can fill a hole in your life in 3 hours takes 3 months to empty.

Why I manage to acquire more milk crates every year and yet have less shit to put in them.

Why I think being an online junkie is a willful choice.

That there's no reason to feel uncomfortable in public because people really can't see those feelings and thoughts inside you, no matter how much they feel like they're on the outside and visible to the world.

That confidence comes entirely from within.

That the cats really would be happier if I cleaned their litter boxes daily.

That I'd get more done at work by staying off of this darn web site.

That problems don't go away if you ignore them.

That people can get really pissed off when you attack something they believe in strongly, even if you don't mean to insult the people believing it.

That when you try to pick your words too carefully you end up with nothing left to say.

That you can't expect to make friends by letting everyone come and start talking to you.

Sometimes it is just my hormones.

The intricacies of a relationship and how to keep two people emotionially satisfied simultaneously.


How to recover from (emotional) trauma to the head.

The right place to stand in order to avoid extreme conflict where issues such as abortion, homosexuals, and marijuana are concerned, and still hold true to my beliefs.

Why people scream at eachother when trying to convey a message that would be more effective when spoken in a normal tone of voice.

The meaning of the word alone.
How to make an orderly day without bells.

How to make an orderly day without forgetting myself.

I can't talk in any other languages, nor do I know much about computers or sports. My ability to communicate is rather limited.

I don't know why he refuses me.


How much dry pasta will make a sizeable serving.

How to draw or play guitar.

One thing I have yet to understand: Linux. I'll be very suprised if I don't get downvoted for saying this, but what's the big deal? I would really like to learn more about Linux, honestly. I just find myself asking *why* I would like to learn more about it. I have nearly no use for it, as I use my computer mainly for writing, reading E2, and modeling/rendering/texturing. Oh, and the occasional 3d game. Linux doesn't offer any solutions for me, as game support is patchy, support for 3d development software is even more patchy, and effective use of linux requires a good understanding and grasp of programming concepts. Well this is the impression I have gotten from reading about linux, and if anyone would care to show me otherwise I would be more than grateful.

The next thing I have yet to learn is why society rarely makes visionaries anymore. In history you learn of several intensely important people who pioneered the way for society through acheivements in science, art, literature, or courage. Modern day heros or heroines are segregated from society, make their living, then die. Songs arent sung about the genius of Stephen Hawking, the creativity of artists like Taron goes unnoticed, and the works of Bob Frissel are entirely forgotten. It would seem that society has had it's sense of wonder and compassion withered, or replaced with an overpowering need to belong, conform, and generally not stand out.

The last thing I have yet to understand, is why M$ doesn't make a powerful OS that's easy to use, bug free, and focuses on performance and functionality rather than make a massively redundant resource hungry monster like ME or the soon to come XP. I think if M$ gave people what they want and need they'd stand to make a lot more money. That's their goal, isn't it?

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