A relationship is a way in which things are connected. A soft link is a relationship, as is an http connection, as is my communication to you right now. Some relationships seem more important than others at times, but importance can change and is neither constant nor absolute. Living life is like trying to figure out an analogy (such as this one). You try to think of different ways in which the things in the analogy are connected, and map parts of them to each other. While you think, different common aspects of the things seem more or less important. You live your life and meet and grow closer to or farther from numerous people. Eventually you find some configuration that makes the analogy make sense. But then you need to extend the analogy to something else, and completely different mappings become important. One mapping is the way my friend and I would both love to lie down next to each other with some Chai and read poetry. That one could be important for a long time.

This is a found poem from my econometrics class, taught by Korean professor Dr. Ahn at Arizona State University). Econometrics is basically a cross between statistics and economics. Each line is something he actually said during lecture over the course of about three class periods.

Monitorist? -Alternative-Action:
Compute, manipulatethe data set
			the world
But that's a standard error.
Why I'm talking about this?
	That's very simple.
I would like to know
	The Individual Case.
I can always make a mistake, even if I know.
	Another thing is this one:
How much you regress if varying.
	I do not know
	You cannot blame me.
	Try to stabilize.
Get out of this recession.
I would like to know specifically
	The lower bound and the upper bound-
The confidence interval of the individual case.
	The formula changes
	Everything is going together.
	That's the problem.
What do you reject?
	Captured by this variance,
	I don't know what you gonna reject.
Up and down a lot.
Look at behavior of residual.
This kind of information can be really useful.
Surprise sometimes can be good, sometimes can be bad.
Give up? That's one way to live.
We have to make a guess.
Given the critical value, you can construct confidence.
Yesterday God told me don't give up, no matter what happens.
Hope is a very serious thing.
Life finds the way.

Re*la"tion*ship, n.

The state of being related by kindred, affinity, or other alliance.



© Webster 1913.

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