Although it is probably impossible to define love in words, many psychologists have tried to dissect this mysterious thing. What makes love? What maintains it? I think this model provides a very basic framework for what is going on, but it is far from complete.

So far the best they have come up with is 3 components of love, romance, passion and intimacy. With a correct mixture of the three, then you have a perfect relationship. Missing one or two, then things aren't going as well as they can. Here are the possible scenarios with this current model of love.

  • Romance - This relation will feel like a love story with nothing going on. Like those kid's movies where you know they are in love, but you see shit.

  • Passion - With just passion, it is like a crush with no substance at all. Just like high school.

  • Intimacy - Physical aspect of love. Fucking like rabbits. With just this, love has been diluted down to a mere booty call. It is not even love any more.

  • Romance and Passion - Lack of physical love will doom this relationship. Frustration sets in.

  • Romance and Intimacy - The love is hollow. Like a couple 30 years into marriage. Lacks the passion of youth, the good old days.

  • Passion and Intimacy - Still physical love. Without romance, this relationship will get old fast. Not true love.

  • All three - Bingo! The happy medium. Congratulations.
  • How about the metaphysical realm of love? This is something that is largely overlooked in today's Freudian society. Teilhard de Chardin was a Roman Catholic priest as well as an evolutionist who saw love as the motivational force behind the inner workings of the universe. To him, love was not just an attractive force felt between two human beings, but a deeper energy present in all forms of matter. Love is the evolutionary process of complexification in which thresholds are reached and crossed- an eternal series of structuring and restructuring. Through this process the human race can become unified into a final endpoint which he called God. Freud showed us the world as we are. Teilhard shows us the world as it can be.

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