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Goth is a subculture, a literature form, an architectural movement and a bunch of pre-Germans all of which are significate of goth... quite a big job for such a little word.



A member of a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era.

(From Middle English Gothes, Goths, from Late Latin Goth , of Germanic origin; akin to Old English Gota, and Old Norse Goti, Goth).

Source: The American HeritageĀ® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright Ā© 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

History and Literature



One of the most popular goth topics... Strangely connection to anything else baring the same name is often over-looked.



Lets face facts what ever gets included and whatever gets discluded it will always be wrong for someone.

well excuse me all to hell - a big list of bands that needed adding.  also available in gothic music...

As Has been said already this list does not work as Goth Band is a fan concept anyway.


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Topics for consideration when writing for or about goths are the lesser know facts: almost all goths love cats, the goth scene has a huge count of the most fantastically sexy females, and finally: "True goths" never admit to it (!)

You will of course find that this is sometimes total BS... that's life.


Oh My Goth

A good friend of mine tells a particularly amusing story of a time he and a few other travvled on the london underground to a major goth venue (Gossips Trad-night if I recall), they were feeling a bit hyper and loud that night and on spotting a really big crowd of goths further along thought to shout out: "GOTH! Goth! goth! - Look at all these goths. Oh My Goth I'm getting verti-goth!". With the result that all the goths ran away.

With that and less in mind it is with great mopigothiness that we give you a tiny section of anicdotal goth related 'things'... yeah, whatever...


aka fringe and GTKY


Gothic titles that are not so gothic



Writers Of Note

This is by no means the definitive list of the main writers of the gothic literature period but it is close I am certain.

Ann Radcliffe
Edgar Allan Poe
Edward Young
Horace Warpole
James Beattie
James Macpherson
James Thomson
Joseph Warton
Mark Akenside
Monk Lewis
Robert Blair
Thomas Gray
Thomas Parnell
William Collins
William Cowper
William Shenstone


I am told these artist types need to be here

List list is also to be found in Late Gothic Art but the hard link there was a mess when I looked.

Conrad Witz
Enguerrand Quarton
Geertgen tot Sint Jans
Hieronymous Bosch
Hubert van Eyck
Hugo van der Goes
Jacques Daret
Jan van Eyck
Jean Fouquet
Martin Schongauer
Michael Pacher
Robert Campin
Rogier van der Weyden

Please remember when dealing with goths that Some vampires actually get pissed when you tell them to Have A Nice Day!

If this node is true Hot Topic is a good place for goths to shop.

* What is Goth

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