Just when you think you have seen everything.

New television commercial, for a small Kodak camera. Features a young Goth girl working on a class project photo shoot. Said Goth is the archetype: long jet black hair, pale never seen the sun skin and blood red lipstick. Bright blue eyes, like a Huskie, but these are probably contacts. The Goth wanders around town taking various photos (cue spunky, hip soundtrack) then stands in front of the class and unfolds a large black ('natch) cardboard folder full of her colorful work. The other students, lean forward-appearing shocked. She tries to stifle her grin (and pride!) and shares a knowing glance with a kindred spirit: The half awake, grunge dude in the back row.

I take it that Kodak no longer equates Goth with Columbine. I would love to read the notes from the focus group that endorsed this idea.

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