This character in John Kovalic's online and dead tree comic Dork Tower would be Matt's love interest... If only fate would stop interfering and keeping the two apart. It is incredible given that Gilly works at Peagasaurus Games, Matt's main source for all things necessary for the fanish lifestyle, that they have not met. But I have it on good authority that these two will never get together, just like Charlie Brown and the little Red Headed girl.

Among other things she drives Walden Woods (her brother a.k.a. "Sith, Dark Lord of Mud Bay" ) crazy with her cheerful attitude. In his opinion she adds a totally inappropriate air of levity to goth meetings and live action games.

Sith: "The cries of the wretched shall be as music to our ears! Bwa-ha-ha-HA!"
Gilly: "Then over to my place for milk and cookies and ice cream! Whoopie!"

She also is searching for love and has not yet found that special fanboy that can understand her love of comic books and science fiction.

Wonderful contradiction. The perky goth.

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