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Comic put together by the Musician/Artist/Film Director Voltaire.

While trying to come up with a good way to advertise his concerts to the Goth community (which often have him playing piano and singing while dressed in a rabbit suit), he came up with the idea of writing up 8 page comics which would not only provide interest with ongoing plot (well, okay, calling it plot is reaching) while also providing the location of the next concert.

He also, apparently, made use of Hell and Brimstone style gospel tracts to advertise the same.

Oh My Goth concerns an alien who comes to earth to pave it over for a landing strip, but falls in love with human culture and has a rather bizzare effect on it, from causing the Inquisition to introducing plastic pants to the vikings, while also ticking off the church, demons from hell, and once and for all proving the Bjork is actually an alien.

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