This is actually based upon a manga called "Aa! Megamisama" by Kosuke Fujishima. This is being published in the US by Dark Horse (and translated by Proteus Studio). If you enjoy the anime then it is well worth looking for the collected volumes of this because they are much more of the same fun stories.

It is very loosely based upon the Norns or Fates from Norse mythology. As well as Belldandy (a japanisation of the norse name Verthandi) there are her elder sister Urd and her younger Sister Skuld. They have to face a number of problems both from modern and ancient times.

I don't usually find myself getting moved in an emotional way by a movie or an episode of a tv series - actually, very few things do that to me. And before you ask, I haven't got Asperger's Syndrome. Anyway, hrm, as you will soon realize, it was quite a different experience for me watching Oh! My Goddess - it was moving, in a big way, and it also had an amazing soundtrack.

The story of OMG revolves around a guy whose name is Keiichi, and as the story begins, he's stuck in his dorm room watching the phones while his extremely big and brutal roommates are out doing whatever. He's trying to order a pizza when suddenly, he reaches the Goddess Help Line by mistake. And the next thing he knows, a goddess walks out of his wall mirror and tells him he can have whatever he wants.

Since the goddess is a babe named Belldandy, and he's a horny teenager, he tells her he wants her to be his girlfriend for eternity, and believe it or not, his wish is granted. Now, at this point, some anime fans would have wondered when the nudity was gonna start, and others would label this anime as a typical shonen (see the shonen node - a shonen or shounen anime is an anime targeted at males), and decide it wasn't worth their time. I myself made this mistake, and stopped watching after episode three.

A year later, I find the episodes on a CD-R, tucked away in my 256-disc CD wallet, and figure I might spend some time watching them all again - there are only five episodes to the entire series. I really wish I'd watched them earlier. However, the truly good parts of this anime don't show up until episode four, which is really the first part of the last episode, making the second part, obviously, episode 5. Episodes one and two do little but introduce the characters (although they're quite funny), and episode three is outright dull, due to a very predictable story - Keiichi takes part in a motorcycle race, one which may cost him Belldandy, should he loose. Obviously, he wins. Predictable equals boring.

Predictable, however, is not a word I'd choose for the ending. It was awesome, it brought tears to my eyes, and unlike some romantic movies which tend to stretch things out (especially the ending), not one second of it was ever boring. Beautiful. The basic story is (I'll try not to spoil you here) that Belldandy has to go back to Heaven, but due to some unfinished business from his childhood (involving Belldandy), Keiichi can't let her (it's rather complicated). I can't wait to find the Oh! My Goddess movie somewhere .. hopefully it's a sequel to the series, and if it can exceed it in terms of greatness, I simply have to see it.

That concludes this rant/daylog/review mutation - my final word is that, if you're somewhat into anime, I think you should find yourself a few episodes of Oh! My Goddess to watch - it's available both as subs and dubs. Just remember, it gets much better near the end.

An additional note: Apart from the five-episode anime and the movie, there's also a series called Oh! My Mini Goddess - it's seems intended for children, and the episodes are only five minutes each - OMG fans should watch it, though.

The movie is based around the popular manga/OAV series "Oh! My Goddess" (sometimes referred to as "Ah! My Goddess" due to an initial mistranslation). The movie takes place three years after the events in the OAV series, where Belldandy and Keiichi have matured into a loving, good-natured couple. They are still living together with Belldandy's two sisters, Urd and Skuld.

However, the idyllic tranquility is shattered upon the arrival of Belldandy's old sensei, Celestin. Celestin effectively disrupts Belldandy's memory of anything Keiichi-related (including the promise she made in the OAV series that she would always remain by his side). By doing this, he infects the computer system of Heaven with a virus of such destructive power that it might unmake the world.

Long ago, Celestin was imprisoned on the Moon because he rebelled against Heaven. He believed the people of Earth were suffering too much and sought to end their misery by destroying creation. God openly disagreed with this incentive and sentenced Celestin to be exiled. However, someone has released him from his imprisonment.

At the same time, a mysterious, dark-haired girl by the name of Morgan joins Keiichi's motorcycle club with the intention of replacing Belldandy as Keiichi's co-rider. She turns out to be an accomplice of Celestin's - a fairy who was once deprived of her love by the Gate of Judgment and now seeks revenge on a world she finds to be impossibly cruel. She, incidentally, is the one who freed Celestin.

To prevent Celestin from carrying out his plan, Keiichi, Skuld and Urd team up to try and combat him. But things are complicated when Belldandy, having only lost her memories of Keiichi, still recalls the strong feelings she had towards her sensei - and thus is heavily conflicted when it comes to her emotions. In the end, it is up to Keiichi to prove his love and stop Celestin.

The animation is top-notch, fueled by immersive computer animation and sharp-looking traditional cel animation. The soundtrack, seiyuu and general flow of the movie is also class. The story does drag heavily, and the characters often seem uninvolved and helpless. The ending, of course, is painfully predictable. In conclusion, it is a worthwhile movie if you were a fan of the OAV series (and is surely a spectacle to behold), but casual anime fans may be turned off by the predictable and uninvolving storyline.

The movie was released in 2000 to somewhat bland reviews, citing the lack of character depth and involvement.

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