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Ikon are a band from Melbourne, Australia. Play music that would be described as gothic. Have been compared in style to Joy Division and Death In June.

Ikon formed in 1991, with the lineup being Michael Carrodus (vocals), Chris McCarter (guitar), Dino Molinaro (bass) and Maurice Mollella (drums). Maurice left after the release of their debut single "Why", and was replaced by a drum machine.

This lineup continued for several years (and the release of In The Shadow Of The Angel, A Moment In Time and Flowers For The Gathering), before Michael left the band. Chris McCarter took on the role of vocalist and released This Quiet Earth. Then Dino also left, being replaced by Valerios Calocerinos (of Lemon Avenue and Meridian).

Further info on Ikon can be found at http://www.ar.com.au/~storm/ikon/

Albums released by Ikon include:

'Ikon' is a highly experimental project of Christian exploration being undertaken by a passion filled group of individuals on the edge of, or completely outside, the traditional church institution. Our community seeks to explore the positive, Spirit-filled, life-enhancing veins that run through post-modern thought and culture, with particular emphasis upon the mystical tradition of Christianity.

We meet on the last Sunday of every month. Doors open 18:00, service begins 18:30 and is followed by a DJ and/or live music. We meet in The Menagerie Bar on 130 University Street, Belfast.

While most 'vision statements' clearly define the ultimate essence of a movement we at 'Ikon' wish to maintain a fluidity and elusiveness. This liquid structure allows for ambiguity and the incoming, at any time, of a call that will radically challenge the current direction of the movement. In order to help with this we have inserted the word 'provisional' into our vision statement and will endeavour to remain sensitive to the subtle ebbs and flows of the mysterious call that has guided us thus far. In doing this we allow the possibility of evolution to occur and for our essence to develop in ways that are not yet foreseeable.

We desire to be unambiguous about our ambiguity, clear about our lack of clarity and insightful with regards to our blindness. We therefore encourage everyone who reads our vision statement to view it 'iconically', in other words to see that the words are icons which point to that which ultimately lies beyond the boundary of our horizons.

'Ikon' is a genuine attempt to articulate and explore radical (meaning to return to the roots) Christianity in an organic and localised context. In doing so we hope to provide a space that allows our community to reflect upon the immense difficulties and joys that each of us face in our pilgrimage toward becoming a Christian.

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