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There isn't an awful lot to say about Nefilim really. It seemed they formed for just one album and disbanded when their work was done.

It began after gothic rock band Fields of the Nephilim split in 1991 and singer/songwriter Carl McCoy left to persue a solo project, aimed in a different musical direction. In 1996 Nefilim released their first and only album Zoon - taken from the Greek zoion meaning beast or animal - which met with mixed reactions. Those who loved the Fields' dark, melodic dreamlike sound were disappointed at the heavier, more brutal Nefilim material, but others just accepted it as a new band with a new direction and even dubbed it a work of genius.

It has been said that if the Fields' songs were born of dreams then Nefilim's music is born of nightmares, with dark lyrics blasted over distorted guitar-driven anger sounding almost the diametric opposite of the traditional Fields sound. Whatever people thought of it, Nefilim never achieved the status in gothic rock that Fields of the Nephilim did and still does occupy, and indeed they disappeared after Zoon and, as far as I can tell, no longer exist. The short-lived lineup consisted of Carl McCoy on vocals, Paul Miles on guitar, Cian Houchin on the bass (and electronic programming) and Simon Rippin on drums.

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