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Zoon was the only release by Fields of the Nephilim frontman Carl McCoy's project, Nefilim, back in April of 1996. The change in musical direction from his former band came as a surprise, pleasant to some but disappointing to others. Instead of the dark, brooding gothic rock of before, Zoon was a unique mixture of styles. It was certainly more dynamic than the Fields' music, incorporating metal-style riffs to add to the raw dark energy, while still retaining the brooding overtones and spiritistic themes of McCoy's earlier work. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Still Life
  2. Xodus
  3. Shine
  4. Penetration
  5. Melt
  6. Venus
  7. Pazuzu
  8. Zoon
  9. Coma

Zoon was truly a solo effort, with no input from producers, the studios or the record company - even the artwork in the inlay is McCoy's own. This allowed him to use his imagination to the fullest and to exorcise his all into the music. It also shows off his talents as singer, songwriter, musician, and even engineer.

Zo"on (?), n.; pl. Zoa (#). [NL., fr. Gr. an animal.] Zool. (a)

An animal which is the sole product of a single egg; -- opposed to zooid.

H. Spencer. (b)

Any one of the perfectly developed individuals of a compound animal.


© Webster 1913.

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