Sister Machine Gun is a chicago based industrial/rock, or 'neo-industrial-dada-funk' as they call it, band. The current line-up is this: Chris Randall - all the programming, lead vocalist, and writes the songs, Miguel Turanzas - Guitar, Nate Lepine - Saxophone, Abel Garibaldi - Bass, Matt Hayes - Drums, Shara O'neil - Backing vocals, Paul Norman - Turntables. SMG has been putting out music since 1990 when they released work for Wax Trax records.

Albums to date: Sins of the Flesh, Addiction (RMX), Not My God (RMX), The Torture Technique, Wired/Lung (RMX), Nothing (RMX), Burn, Metropolis, Revolution.
SMG's real talent lies not in their music, which is pretty average fair, all things considered... (although Sins of the Flesh was pretty impressive at the time) but they're an excellent live show. If I were simply going to grade the performance itself, and not my other associations involved, I'd probably say seeing SMG in concert was one of the best live musical experiences I've had.

They were touring with Die Warzau just prior to the release of Burn - and ended up playing about half the set with Die Warzau's horn section - a surprisingly good combination.

Singer Chris Randall said he originally ran across "Sister Machine Gun" in a thesis by Jim Marcus while in college- though many believe the name was derived from Skinny Puppy's "Tin Omen." Randall also appeared in the 1996 issue of Playgirl as one of the "Top 10 Sexiest Rockers." He prefers to call the band's music "aggropop." I have liked their stuff for years, although nothing about it is truly profound. Just hard and fun.

I saw them several years ago open for Prong in Atlanta. An excellent show. The angst/passion they exhibited ignited the crowd.

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