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"The Void-Which-Binds" is a term invented by writer Dan Simmons in his Hyperion novels. It is a descriptor, a poetic rendering of the scientific concept of the smallest possible dimension of space, and the smallest possible dimension of time - Planck space and Planck time. In Simmons's novels, the Void-Which-Binds acts as sort of a quantum medium through which both matter and energy can be transmitted. It is in the Void-Which-Binds that the AIs live; it is through the Void-Which-Binds that the farcaster portals and fatline communication networks operate. A beautiful term for a strange scientific idea.

An idea espoused by the child-messiah in Dan Simmon's Endymion series. Like most science fiction creations, the story has a hard science backbone liberally laced with a fantastic framework. To put it simply, The Void Which Binds is the idea of love existing as a physical force, another dimension, in the universe.

The Science

Planck space and time are the smallest meaningful units by which space and time can be described. The Planck length is the scale at which classical ideas about gravity and space-time cease to be valid, and quantum effects dominate. This is the ‘quantum of length’, the smallest measurement of length with any meaning. Planck time is then the amount of time it takes a photon to cover the distance of Planck length.

Quantum mechanics is the great flawed physical theory of our century. Although quite useful in describing the behavior of the ultra small, it leads to inherent contradictions that can not be explained using any known physical models. The void which binds is the answer to that flaw. Existing as a dimension of the universe that isn't spacetime, the void which binds is 'the subquantum impossibility that carried information from photon to photon.' As a medium, it holds the power to rival a thousand quasars, makes FTL travel, and even the manipulation of physical reality possible.

The Poetry

The universe is attempting to evolve, and we are but players in that process. It is our capacity to love, to empathize that makes us important. The void which binds is the memory of a cosmic universe as it evolves towards an omega point, the godhead. It is comprised of the experiences, love, emotion, passion and empathy of all intelligences in the universe that have evolved to understand love.

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