In many parts of the world (especially Europe, Africa and India) potable water is a dwindling resource, therefore it has become necessary to conserve water where ever possible.

Showering has long been seen as a water-economical way to wash---it uses significantly less water. Showering, with its lather, rinse, repeat cycle is also much more hygienic and doesn't involve the user sitting in a broth of their own filthy bodily fluids

Shower with a Friend (TM) is a new strategy to achieve this, whereby two or more individuals shower together, sharing the same water from the shower head, thus at least halving the volume of water used.

Careful selection a shower partner can enhance inter-personal relationships and provide a handy back-scratcher.

Shower with a Friend and Save Water - Shower with a Friend are Trademarks and not to be used without permission.

In my experience, this concept is sheer fantasy. You may very well end up spending longer in the shower than you would separately. This may be due to poor coordination, or the fact that one thing leads to another. So unless you carefully plan it out ahead of time, and are careful not to be that intimate, it's probably better to shower by yourself and just don't HOG THE BATHROOM!

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