Do you ever wonder whether the relationship you are in is really making you happy? What about that friend of yours who you think you might want to be more than friends with? How can you tell how you really feel about these people? You need the airport test of relationships.

The test is simple. You need to go visit this person, or have them come visit you. Or if you are living in the same place, one of you needs to go on a trip and then return. The crucial part of this is that one person has to be there waiting to pick the other up. Passengers are coming off the plane, looking tired but happy to be on the ground. You see this person at a distance. At this instant, the airport test takes place: what is the first thing that you think? This moment is telling of what you really think about that person. It has revealed crushes I didn't know I had, and I think it once convinced me that a relationship wasn't working out. Either way, that first instant reveals things that I never knew I felt.

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