when you, held by fierce moonlight, lifted softly your eyes and sought some comand to cease. i left you hanging on to NOTHING but the stillness in the air and the fading motor of a car too far off in the distance for us to see.

i never can say goodbye.. to the night, to the day, to you, to anything that posses the threat of leaving. it's the feeling of letting go and the fear of never getting back that keeps this voice safely within locked gardens, where the roses never fade and colorful birds visit the baths without fail.

a final note to these thoughts might prove too perfect for the future to surpass, to even try again. would the consequences be so great if tonight i froze everything in place and no further word was spoken.. ?

i'm certain that one more word, one more moment will break me, will leave me wishing for the earth to never meet sky, tongue to never touch mouth, eyes to never seek beauty in all things imperfect once more.

(in whispers, trees agreed, sadly searching the ground for their lost leaves.)

this is where we say goodbye, but instead we face only silence and the e..n..d..l..e..s..s sky.




This is where we (are supposed to ) say goodbye 



She was looking at the ground,  kicking some rocks, 

trying, in mumbled words, to give me something like



but, in her effort to say something, 

talked in a circle and

 didn't really get there


which was still better than me

who made no attempt to speak at all 



This is where we (are meant to ) say goodbye

but instead said                                                                    nothing 

not a single word


Until one of us (she) finally had the guts to walk


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