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Goat and Adding Machine Ritual

First, make sure your goat is warm.
Second, align the planets in capricorn. Do not WAIT for them to align, Align them now.
Third: Place the sacred martinis at the 4.5 sacred points of the quadpentagram.
Fourth: Make sure the gasket is still tight on your carbeurator.
Fifth: Arrange the chickens in a logn spiral.
Sixth: Begin the chant:

"EDB, EDB, we fear you
EDB, EDB, though you are warm and fuzzy
EDB, EDB, please put cream cheese on my sesame bagel"

Seventh: lead the goat into the quadpentagram, if he is nervous, tell him that Tony Robbins Loves Him.
Eighth: Tell the goat to add the sacred numbers with the secret adding machine"
Ninth: The answer should be Aleph-Null, if it isn't, you have a defective goat and you need to have a stern talk with your supplier.
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