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I am currently abstaining from drinking soda. My choice was based on my dental health more than the jagged disorientated feeling I got from caffeine deprivation. I went successfully for 2.5 weeks before drinking a carbonated beverage. They are everywhere.

In my home, I open the refrigerator door to find a carbonated beverage conglomerate: eight cases of various brand name soda products. One carton of milk. No other beverages. This means drinking more milk than one desires. While it is a healthy decision, it grows old quickly. My need for a carbonated beverage is rather psychosomatic.

When I saw family members drinking twelve ounce cans of Coca Cola, I could almost feel that crisp acidic taste on my tongue. Commercials depict people my age having some sort of zen, getting dates, understanding the world around them... because of their choice to drink these advertised products.

Organized events do not sell very many things other than soda. While attending a jazz festival in the spring, I noticed most of the concession stands had nothing but soda.

Even restaurants, not fast-food, have little to offer. Ordering anything but soda or alcoholic beverages makes you the odd one out. Soda is the norm. Ordering lemonade or milk will generate odd facial expressions from the waiter/waitress, as to ask, "What the hell are you pulling on me?"

Truth be told, not drinking soda takes not only physical effort, but social effort as well.

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