My Name is Johann Excellent

My turn-ons include:

Tunnel Boring Machines
Broyhill Furniture
long candle-lit sunsets on a moonlit beach

There is a goddess hiding in my peripheral vision

I dreamed I had the safest plane crash ever

I'm really a man on the outside

What if the sky had pubic hair?

Did you see that demon of mine ? I let him in here, he keeps me aware of myself

I don not aspire to Power, I aspire to Flow

I am a pagan, pretending to be a pagan

I want to have a tattoo for every great dream in my life
I wish my sacred whirlygig had a turbo setting
You may have noticed, I organize nodeshell rescues
Elephants did not build my floors, but I am grateful to them nonetheless
Reading fairy script makes my hand cramp
My ears have been vacuumed by gnomes and my angelic armpit hair smooths the swinging of my arms
I forget to bless myself
My astrolabe is missing, but enough talk of astrolabia
Can we attend a birth ?

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