Note: This node was originally created and maintained by scarcatcher. With his assent, the maintainer has changed since he's not around much these days.

Okay, here's the deal. I've realized that noders traverse the country, the globe, possibly the Solar system, but definitely the stratosphere. And when their feet are firmly planted back on hard earth, well, they need a place to stay, right? Well, this is a proposal of sorts. This will (hopefully) be a list of "hospitable" noders.

On a trip across the country and in need of a place to rest your head for the night? Awesome! Look here: I have a list of hospitable noders, but I can't give any guarantees, so you will have to /msg them and ask nicely. These people are willing to give you a place for your head if you need one for a night or so.

I'm going to say that this should be a universal rule when visiting these wonderful folks: Be appropriate, and give them plentiful notice. I for one don't want someone just showing up at my doorstep asking for a place to stay.

scarcatcher's experience: IT WORKS!, I have used the list at least once. and I have stayed in the homes of several noders Now, I'm going to start keeping my own count of noders I've stayed with right here. I've stayed with one of those more than once.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
Okay, so someone has stayed here now. I shall keep that count. and dates.

Hospitable Noders

United States


  • mirv - Montreal, QC (can sleep 2 with 2 days notice should bring sleeping bag)
  • <--sept. to june Baltimore June to August Naples FL Sometimes-->
  • pimephalis - Toronto, ON (can sleep 2 almost any time)


  • Dimview - Copenhagen (2 floor only)

  • Switzerland
  • Siobhan - Berne, in the Kanton of Berne (or Bern) (would like plenty of notice and can sleep 2 max, with 1 on the floor)

  • United Kingdom
  • Albert Herring - Nottingham, East Midlands, England
  • booyaa & princess loulou - Richmond, Greater London, England (a few days notice would be appreciated)
  • darl - Oxford, South East, England
  • The Debutante - East London, England (there's room for nine on a mixture of beds, sofabeds, and air mattresses)

Pacific Rim

  • Taliesin's Muse - Canberra ACT (2 spare beds, massive floor space)

  • Japan
  • Augustine

  • New Zealand
  • Demeter - Ashhurst, Manawatu (can sleep 5-7 in beds, many more with floorspace)

If  YOU would like to be added to this list, please /msg alex.

Noders formerly on the list who have since left or are no longer able to offer their hospitality: Any (Massachusetts), sneff (New South Wales), erikbjo (Iowa). Error404 (British Columbia), Jypsy (Wisconsin), Senso (Quebec)

Please give your general geographic area as well. This will help noders in search of a place to stay in specific locales.

Another thing you might want to tell me is how many people you can sleep... I was thinking of this on a smaller scale like 1 maybe 2 people, but you may want to tell me how many you can accommodate comfortably.

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