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In honor of Transitional Man's visit to New York City, we're having a Nodermeet at my place on Roosevelt Island on the evening of Tuesday the 9th of May from 7 PM on.

As I am an incorrigible Geek, and have all kinds of geek-related junk, gadgets, and toys about my apartment this event has been dubbed Geekfest 2006.

Don't worry, you don't have to dress differently, or wear taped-up glasses.

There will be beer, pretzels, and chips, and I'll throw some hot dogs and burgers(meat and non-meat) on the grill.

Roosevelt Island can be reached by bridge from Queens (only recommended if you know the city) or the subway (my recommendation) via the "F" train. The stop is also called Roosevelt Island. Take the red bus from the subway station and get off in front of the Gristedes supermarket. My building is directly opposite the bus stop, 20 River Road. My apartment # is 22J.

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