In Sluggy Freelance: A gymnastic-martial-arts assasin built/brainwashed/or otherwise created by Dr. Steve. She was commanded to fall in love with Torg just before the computer controling her was destroyed, she was seemingly destroyed, along with her creator, when Dr. Steve's lab blew up. She survived and kidnapped Torg in the hope of marrying him. She seems to have been destroyed again in a battle with Gwynn. When she was hit by a magicaly propeled chunk of wood she bled, meaning she is either human, or has an organic covering over a robotic frame(as I have always belived), like a terminator.

Oasis is a british pop band, whom I absolutely hate. However, I love their music. They have a lot of influence from the Beatles, with a blues-rock guitar background and crooning vocals. And they hate each other. A lot. They're cocky assholes. But, they've got the whole Beatles influenced brit pop thing down.

Oasis was originally Liam Gallagher on vocals, Paul Arthurs on guitar, Paul McGuigan on bass, and Tony McCarroll on drums. Noel and Liam have always been the driving forces in the band. They were raised in Burnage, a Southern suburb of Manchester. At the age of 11, Noel's father had bought him a guitar and he became interested in the English punk scene. In 1989, Noel took his younger brother Liam to see Inspiral Carpets. The concert really got Liam interested in music, and also provided Noel with a job as a guitar technician with the band. In 1992, Noel called home and learned that his brother had started a band. He went to see them play, and agreed to join the band only if he was the lead guitarist and if they only played his songs. Liam, recognizing that their main lacking was in good songwriting, which Noel could provide, agreed.

In may 1993, Oasis was discovered by Creation Records (who at the time was strapped for cash thanks to My Bloody Valentine) when they forced themselves onto the bill at a concert in Glasgow that was attended by Creation head Alan McGee. They released several singles which met with a positive response in England, and in late 1994, they released their first album, Definitely Maybe. The album was the fastest selling release in English history, and debuted on the charts at number one. The band, however, was not getting along too well and Liam and Noel refused to be interviewed together because they kept getting into fights. During a US tour, Noel dropped out of the band leaving Liam to finish up alone, however he rejoined the band at the end of the tour.

In early 1995, Oasis gained popularity in the US with the song Live Forever going to number 2 on the US pop charts, and Definately Maybe going gold. Drummer Tony McCarroll left the band (he was probably sick of listening to Liam and Noel) and was replaced by Alan White. Oasis headed back to England, and began work on their second album. (What's the Story) Morning Glory was released in October of 1995 to critical acclaim, quickly shooting to the top of the British pop charts. It became the second biggest selling album in british history and launched Oasis to international fame. The album was very much in the spirit of the Beatles, with strong melodies and vocals. It was, in my opinion, a kick ass album. A supporting US tour was cancelled due to more fighting between Liam and Noel.

Oasis then began recording their third album, Be Here Now, which I thought sucked but the world at large disagreed... It was released in August 1997, and sold relatively well, although it quickly dropped off the charts as people started to realize I was right (or something like that). Again, another tour was cancelled due to more fighting within the band.

As Oasis was working on their fourth album, bassist paul McGuigan left the band. Noel, the ass that he is, was quoted as saying "It's hardly Paul McCartney leaving the Beatles." Gem Archer joined the band, and they released their fourth album, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, which didn't suck quite as much as the last album, but didn't rock as much as the first two either. In 2000, Oasis actually managed to complete a world tour and released a live cd from the tour called Familiar To Millions which was ok, but I wouldn't spend money on it.

Currently, I believe Noel is once again not with the band, but that probably won't last long. They're hard to like, but they do make some good music when they can tolerate each other. Sure, they may think that they are the greatest band since the Beatles, but in some ways, they might not be too far off.

Information for this writeup was compiled from the Allmusic Guide, various fan websites, and the VH1 Behind the Music Special

My fellow noders have done a good job noding many Oasis lyrics and albums, this is just a little discography:

OASIS, or the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, is an international non-profit organisation that works with standardization to advance electronic commerce. In other words, they make standards that live on top of standards created by other standardization organisations like W3C and IETF. At the moment the most well known projects hosted with OASIS are DocBook and ebXML, but they also do a lot of work on XML and XSLT conformance.

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The official OASIS web site is at and not at the more obvious one...

Oasis is the name of a porous foam used in flower arranging that holds water in the green form and is used for dry arrangements in the brown form. It is a soft Styrofoam like material. It can be trimmed to fit the container, packed tightly and taped into place for stability and in turn lends stability to the plant material being stuck in it. This allows the arranger the ability to arrange flowers and/or other plant materials in a variety of angles.

Green Oasis should be soaked in water for a few hours before using to eliminate all the air in the foam, which will help cut flowers to absorb water instead of having the stems clogged with air.

The stems continue to absorb water as long as the green oasis is kept moist. Oasis can be reused until so many holes have been made in it that it falls apart. Aside from that it is inexpensive to start with.

Oasis can be cut flush with the container or it can be cut to stick up above the container allowing plant material to hang downward by sticking it into the oasis in an upward manner.

As mentioned by San, Oasis is a brand of fruit drinks (in the UK at least). However, I find them quite delicious, and so think it only fit that a bit more is said about them.

I forget when I first saw them, about 97-8 would be about right, possibly before that. They first came out in large-ish glass bottles (not unlike Snapple), that had the deceptive effect of making you think that the drink was colder/nicer than it actually was. They changed this some time last year, to 500ml plastic bottles and possibly changed the recipe too (or is that the effect of the bottle again ? Hmmm ...)

On my travels, I've seen four flavours :

  • Blackcurrant (bit chemical tasting, I'm enjoying one this very minute)
  • Raspberry (I don't like raspberries in general, but this isn't too bad if cold)
  • Summer Fruits (the standard, quite nice)
  • Lemon (not always seen, enjoyable)

Captions on the bottle past and present include "Chill with the Still" and "Open, Pour, Be Yourself Oncemore". Fantastic. If only they'd bring back the glass bottles.

According to mkb, Oasis is sold in France as well, including an ice tea range. Cheers !

An oasis is a spring or waterhole situated in a hot desert. Oases have many benefits: they provide water for people living in desert regions and allow food plants like date palms, figs, olives and apricots to be grown. They also provide shade, which is often hard to find in deserts.

Oases are formed when underground streams or rivers flow to the deserts surface. In most parts of the world, there is water underground, which we call the 'water table'. Even in deserts this water table is present. It is possible to dig a well in order to reach the water table, but sometimes it can be kilometres underground. In some places (usually at low altitudes) it is possible for the watertable to reach the earth's surface. When this happens, an oasis is formed. Oases are especially likely to form along the few rivers that may flow through deserts.

Most towns and villages in deserts are located in or around an oasis. Some nomadic desert tribes, like the Bedouin, will live in tents and move from oasis to oasis, travelling at night to escape the day's heat. People who live in oases make excellent use out of every scrape of fertile land. They even provide enough water for people to keep cattle, sheep and goats.

Following on from ccunning's wu...

...Oasis are something of a relic from the '90s even after their excellent fifth album Heathen Chemistry went some way to re-establishing them as a band that it was okay to think was musically worthwhile in 2002. Liam and Noel are now the only two survivors from the 'original' 1994 lineup, with Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs following Paul 'Guigsy' McGuigan out of the band after Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants was released.

However, their importance as possibly the single defining icon of the 'Cool Britannia' years of the mid-to-late Nineties should never be forgotten. Their zenith was undoubtably the first weekend in the August of 1996, when they played to 360,000 fans in Knebworth Park on two scorching summer days amid the heady air of England's Euro 96 soccer success and the band's complete dominance of British rock music. Those two days were Oasis at their strutting, kick-ass, musically-soaring best - from the opening strains of Rock'n'Roll Star to the oh-so-self-aware playing of Hey Jude over the PA as we trudged home.

It's been a good five years since the Oasis backlash really took hold and they ceased to be able to do no wrong in the eyes of the public. And recently I decided to put together my own Oasis Best Of CD, which took in not only their five studio albums, but a couple of live renditions of songs that were undeniably Oasis (notably their epic cover of I Am The Walrus) and some of the B-sides from their first three albums-worth of singles - not only better than most bands on their best days, but better than some of Oasis' own album tracks.

And that Best Of CD is probably better now than it has ever been - now we're not so collectively jaded by Oasis the all-conquering supergroup. It certainly has, pound for pound, more great songs than any Best Of CD representing the rest of Britpop. And that's saying something.

I just hope Oasis get their due when us wide-eyed kids have grown up and had wide-eyed kids of our own. Because Oasis deserve to be regarded as one of the all-time great rock bands.

Oh, and Tony McCarroll didn't leave the band. He was fired. Fired for being a marginally-worse drummmer than Pete Best....

O"as*is (O"a*sis or O*A"sis; 277), n.; pl. Oases (-sEz). [L., fr. Gr. 'o`asis; cf. Copt. ouahe.]

A fertile or green spot in a waste or desert, esp. in a sandy desert.

My one oasis in the dust and drouth
Of city life.


© Webster 1913

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