A television series, done by VH1. At its best, you get a good showbiz documentary. At its worst, it's a nostalgia circuit infomercial for some best-forgotten act's new "project" (and/or a VH1 home video, with a toll-free number you can call at show's end). Each episode has some degree of both info and mercial. "Hey, remember me? I'm still alive, and me and the boys are getting together for a new CD..." And appearing at the Dutchess County Fair July 23rd. Reschedule root canal? No.

A List of some of the best "Behind the Music"s:

*Vanilla Ice
*The Go Go's
*MC Hammer
Common formula:
history of (a) young person(s) with a want of success-> camcorder footage of small start-up at lame clubs -> big break in form of connection -> happy beginning of success -> drugs and/or anger || inner turmoil in the band and complete over indulgence -> end of instant success -> Where the band is now=able to relate story with a learned perspective and a new product/tour to sell

Behind the Music once was my personal reference in popular music information/education TV.
But, as you get more into the scene, and then watch btm about your ex-favorite band, you will find out that btm itself or the german translation is done by ueber-idiots with zero knowledge.
Master and Puppets. Don't know if i should laugh or cry.
For those not familiair with Metallica when they were a heavy metal band:their milestone album is called Master of Puppets.

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