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Currently three active noders, all in the western part of the state.



  • Anark

    I am in Montana! I'm a grad student in mathematics at MSU in Bozeman, Montana.

    Bozeman was named after 19th-century settler John Bozeman, who left his home in hot, muggy Georgia for the brisk mountain air and marauding native tribes of southwest Montana. By all accounts, he enjoyed the first attribute of his new home, though the second killed him.

    Today the slain man's namesake settlement is a small-medium sized city, quite cosmopolitan for its out-of-the-way location. Situated in the the scenic Gallatin Valley within two hours of Yellowstone, it's home to Montana State University, a land-grant institution built on the grounds of a former prison, which has lately been the site of some surprisingly important research in such areas as neuroscience, paleontology, and solar astrophysics. Two world-class museums are located within the city limits: the Museum of the Rockies, affiliated with MSU and featuring a magnificent dinosaur collection, and the American Computer Museum, which manages to get gazillions of luminaries in the computer industry to travel all the way to Montana each October for an award ceremony.

    Culturally, there's plenty of art and music and whatnot, though you don't often see many recognizable touring acts play here- they usually don't come closer than Billings, 200 miles down the road. The local economy is supported by agriculture and ranching, tourism (particularly skiing and fly fishing), and several high-tech industries (software and biotech seem particularly big). The downtown corridor is an excellent place to walk and sightsee, with some unusual restaurants and bars and quite a few art galleries and bookstores. Local businesses have been partially successful in fighting off the "big box" stores - Wal-Mart, Target, etc. have arrived but are relegated to the edge of town.


  • fakester

    Welcome to Deer Lodge, home of the Montana State Penitentiary and the head waters of the Clark Fork River. My humble town boasts a population of about three thousand, not counting the prison, and has one stoplight. The area is made up of hicks, cowboys, and the cows they love so dearly. There is nothing interesting to do in this town, which might explain the periodical rashes of MIP’s and DUI’s given out amongst teenagers. My highschool team, the Wardens, is in the same conference as the highschool that anemotis attended, and we play each other in various sports frequently. You might pass by my humble burg while en route to a more populated area to the west or east on I-90.


  • anemotis

    Wow. . . I can't believe that someone DID node this! Imagine. All this time, and I thought that I was alone... But behold! There is another noder who not only knows where Montana is, but has lived there, wandered the streets of the same towns, and likely been in some of the same buildings! (come on folks, Missoula, Montana is just not that big.)


    Ok, so I am from Florence, MT, which is about 20 miles south of Missoula, but it is small enough that we can't support ourselves as a seperate entity, so everyone who lives in Florence also lives in Missoula. We have A Stoplight in Florence. Please note that it is The Stoplight, an item of central importance for us, and thus a proper noun, always spoken of with a capital 'S'. We also have a Store, a Post Office, and a Highway (which happens to function as a sort of Main street, cutting directly through the part of Florence that actually has "Businesses").

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